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Inaside Chicago Dance Summer Intensive

Summer Intensive 2017

Registration for Summer Intensive is now open!

Inaside Performance

Please join us at the Dance Center Evanston on Friday, August 4th from 6-7 for an informal showing of one of Chicago's exciting Jazz Dance companies. Inaside will perform choreography from its upcoming shows as well as dances performed from our tour in Austria. Price is $10 cash at the door. Seating is limited to 100 people and doors open at 5:30.

Items for Specialty Classes:

Foam Roll/Muscle Maintenance: Foam Rollers (bring extra if you don't mind sharing), golf balls, tennis balls Yoga: Yoga Mat (bring extra if you don't mind sharing)

* We have a lot of students flying in from out of town. If you are driving, please consider bringing extra foam rollers and yoga mats if you have them.

Website apparel ordering:

This year Inaside is excited to open our web store for merchandise. Please use the link and click on Inaside to order.

Dress Code:


***Bring SOLID black outfit for Saturday Presentation. (Black leotard with solid black leggings, shorts, capris, tights, etc)


*** Bring SOLID black outfit for Saturday Presentation. (Black t-shirt/tank with solid black leggings, shorts, capris, tights, etc)

* You do NOT need to buy Character shoes if you do not have them. Depending on the teacher and level, they may not be worn.

Special Recognitions.

This year Inaside will present 3 different awards. The Integrity award will recognize dancers that always have a positive attitude and willingness to help others. The Passion award will be given to dancers that lead with their hearts and show their love of dance in all they do. The Pride award will reward dancers who hold themselves and their appearance with pride and refinement. Inaside is excited to debut this recognition to dancers that shine, not only in their favorite classes, but in all that they do. We will present the awards on Saturday during the parent showcase.


  • Erick

    “Thank you to Inaside intensive summer program for giving me the opportunity to participate last summer. I had a great experience of learning different types of dances, and meeting new teachers that made me mentally and physically stronger as a dancer. Also, I have the opportunity to make new friends from different states.”
    - Erick

  • Sarah Steinmeyer

    “Inaside's dance intensive taught me how to act in a professional environment. It showed me how different teachers work in different ways. I made lots of new friends and I made technical improvements in all dance styles.”
    - Sarah Steinmeyer

  • Devin Harty

    “Thank you Inaside for hosting such a great intensive over the summer! It was great to dance with other extremely talented dancers and be able to really push myself. All of the Inaside instructors were so supportive and helped me to grow as a dancer in so many ways.”
    - Devin Harty

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